Health concerns for rescued miners

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By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The Academy

Health concerns for the Chilean miners are not over yet now that they have been rescued.  After the extraction, the miners are taken to a triage station, where the doctors briefly check them out.  They’re then taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

Just last week, each of the miners underwent multiple tests to checks for potential health issues.  Doctors were concerned about blood clots, so the men began taking 100 mg of Aspirin a day.  They were also given compressions stockings and a special girdle.  To prevent them from being nauseated, each miner was given a liquid only high calorie diet specially prepared by NASA scientists.

Other concerns…dehydration, acute high blood pressure as well as a sudden drop in pressure because of the sudden change in elevation.  Finally, the sun which they’ve been longing to see for months could actually damage their eyes.  The men were given special glasses to protect their eyes from the sunlight.  But, the biggest challenge of all facing these 33 men may be readjusting to life outside the cave.  What’s not known yet is their mental condition after being trapped for 2 months underground.  Chilean officials have a team of doctors and psychologists that will counsel them for at least the next two months.



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