Adolescent weight lifting – is it safe?

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The Academy

Is it okay to weight lift when your an adolescent?  If you’ve started going through puberty, your body is producing hormones that will help it grow bigger and stronger.  Weight training can be good for you but you have to be careful as you are still going and its easy to overdo it and inure yourself.  To play it safe, you should first start with some exercises that use your own body weight like push ups, pul ups, squats and sit ups.  You can also get some resistance bands to exercise with as well. Once you are able to do 15 repetitions of an exercise with perfect form and ease, it may be time to add some weights.  Do not go too heavy, that can cause injury!  I would recommend investing in a few sessions with a qualified personal trainer – one qualified to work with children and adolescents – to make sure you’re doing everything properly and with good form.


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