A cure for the common cold?

A cure for the common cold?  It may be on the way, but in the meantime, best bet is to get some exercise!

There may finally be a cure for the common cold.  That is what some researchers out of Cambridge, England believe.  In what some are calling a breakthrough, scientists say they have discovered a new immune defense that can destroy viruses like the common cold even after they’ve attacked and entered human cells.  Prior to this discovery, it was believed that antibodies could only kill viruses outside of cells.  Once they were inside the cell, it was too late.  Scientists are now working on medications that would be delivered in the form of a nasal spray or inhaler.

In the meantime, exercise my be your best defense against the cold.  A new study finds people who exercise 5 days per week are 46% less likely to get a cold; and when they do, the symptoms are generally milder.


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