Vaccinations on the decline

Some parents are skipping their kids vaccinations.  According to a new report, vaccination rates for children whose parents are fully insured is dropping at an alarming rate.  Concerns about possible side effects and autism are the main reasons given.  The same is not true for families and medicaid.  With more lower income individuals taking advantage of the low cost health care alternatives, their vaccination rates are increasing.  It seems that Hollywood may be having a direct effect on some familes.  Researchers blame part of the decline on a “series of misinformation” about vaccinations that is being touted by “very articulate and very attractive celebrities”.


One thought on “Vaccinations on the decline

  1. I can’t understand it. There is lot of (scientific!) evidence that common vaccinations are safe. And that’s what it all about: the common and approved vaccinations, e.g. influenza, tetanus, diphteria, pneumococcus …´They are safe, medically sensitive, and they make good econimoc sense.

    The advantages of these highly recommended immunizations far outweigh the disadvantages, I’m absolutely convinced of it. The majority of the common vaccinations make good economic sense, are a contribution to the society, and are beneficial for the individual. (In a particular case – for example patients suffering from autoimmune diseases – it may be different, of course.)

    Best wishes
    Tobias Stolzenberg
    – ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Blog –

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