Creating healthy eating habits for your little one

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The Academy

Do you have a fussy eater or a child not interested in eating?  Worried that he/she might not be getting enough nutrition?  The good news is this is common.  Many kids go through stages where they become finicky eaters.  Fortunately, this generally passes on its own.  If your child is growing healthy and active, I’m betting they’re getting nutrition from somewhere. But, it may not be the right kind.

Make sure your child is not snacking on any junk that’s around the house.  Snacking throughout the day can make your child less hungry at dinnertime.  Try getting them involved in preparing meals…if they make it, they’re more likely to eat it.  Also, try to keep them on some kind of schedule.   Mealtimes should be routine; everyone should sit together and eat together, with no distractions or toys.  And, a big no-no, do not offer food like dessert as a reward.


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