Does turkey make you sleepy?

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The Academy

Is it true that eating turkey can make you sleepy?  An essential amino acid tryptophan is found in turkey and it has been shown to have a sleep inducing affect, but that’s not why you’re tired after your Thanksgiving feast.  Tryptophan actually needs to be taken on an empty stomach and without any other amino acids or protein in order to make you drowsy…not exactly the case on Thanksgiving Day.

Instead, consider this…it takes a lot of energy to digest a big meal, especially when you overeat.  When your stomach is full, blood is directed away from other organ systems, including your nervous system so you can digest all those fats and carbohydrates, like that third helping of mashed potatoes and gravy!  Oh, and don’t forget the alcohol; that’s a known central nervous system depressant.

The Academy wishes you all a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!!


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