Get your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Checked!

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The American Academy of Personal Training

There is news today that many American have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and do not even know it.  According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two of three adults are at risk for a life threatening heart attack or stroke.

The CDC also points out that 80% of those with uncontrolled high blood pressure or cholesterol have some type of insurance, either public or private coverage. 800,000 Americans die each year as a result of heart disease and this country spends $300 billion in treating cardiovascular disease.  This report illustrates the need for improved care and prevention to avoid illness, disability and death.

Here is a guide for you: Your LDL or bad cholesterol levels should be less than 160, and for people with heart disease and diabetes, less than 100.  Get checked, it can save your life!


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