Bad news for energy drinks

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The American Academy of Personal Training

When you need a quick pick-me-up do you reach for an energy drink?  Think twice.  There are new charges that the popular drinks may not be everything they claim to be.  A study just published in the Journal of Pediatrics found that the drinks did not improve energy, boost weight loss or improve concentration; and they may actually be dangerous.

Those most at risk include children and teens, especially those with a history of diabetes, seizures, and mood and behavior disorders.  Most energy drinks contain between 70-80 mg of caffeine, double that of most cola drinks, as well as guarana – a plant that contains caffeine, taurine – an amino acid, vitamins, herbals supplements and sweeteners.  The American Beverage Association responds, “This literature review does nothing more than perpetuate misinformation about energy drinks, their ingredients and the regulatory process.”


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