Are you at risk for a heart attack?

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The American Academy of Personal Training

If you indulge in coffee, alcohol, sex and commuting to work, you just might be putting yourself at risk for a heart attack.  A new study suggests that these are all triggers for heart attacks.  Topping the list…commuters sitting in smog filled highways. Even the act of riding a bike to work can put you at increased risk, especially if you ride in a polluted city like New York.  Daily activities where you exert yourself physically results in over a 6% increased risk and that includes sex.  Of course you should still stay active, its better than sitting on the couch.


One thought on “Are you at risk for a heart attack?

  1. Sex?

    I thought that was a healthy activity …emotionally …spiritually …and physically. Builds a closer bond, has the physical benefits (but more fun) of getting the circulation going ..burning calories and some other things. Not only a physical connection, but encourages emotional connection …and relieves stress and so on. All good.

    I am surprised. I thought being inactive puts people at a higher risk for heart attack.

    Coffee? Aren’t the antioxidents beneficial?

    It is a good idea to put the leave windows closed and have your vehicle’s air flow set to recirculate so that you are not sucking in and inhaling the exhaust fumes of the vehicles in front of you ..or smog. I live in the mountains in northern NJ and the second I detect a vehicle with bad exhaust, I throw the air on recirculate until away from the offending vehicle.

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