Tips to help support your bullied child

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of AAPT

Is your child being bullied at school?  One of the best ways to help is to get him involved at school.  Studies show that schools that build positive connections between the staff and students have a lower incidence of bullying.  Be sure to let the teachers and the school principal know that bullying is occurring.  The child that’s causing the bullying needs counseling to understand the consequences of his actions.  Talk to your child and let him know that he shouldn’t blame himself when people are mean to him.  Encourage him to write out or draw his feelings in a picture.  Sometimes this type of expressive therapy can be very helpful.  Most importantly, your child needs to connect with a peer group for support and friendship.  Be proactive – the bullying needs to be diffused quickly because it can escalate.


Kids being teased due to food allergies?

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The Academy

A new study finds that some children who have food allergies could be the target of bullies – and some of those bullies are teachers.  About a quarter of children surveyed say they were bullied because of their food allergies.  86% said they were harassed more than once and many times the food they were allergic to was waived in their face.  These children are being picked on because they’re different.  They have to carry medication and be separated at mealtimes from other kids.  Most of the kids were bullied by their classmates but some said they were teased by school staff members.  All this teasing caused kids with allergies to report depression, embarrassment and humiliation.