Health tip: lower risk of food allergies…breastfeed!

If you want to lower your child’s risk of food allergies…try breastfeeding your baby.  For at risk babies, exclusive breast feeding for the first four months reduces the risk of eczema and cow’s milk allergy during the first two years of life.


Allergic to kissing?

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By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of the Academy

Something to think about before you lean in for your New Years kiss…  New research suggests that kissing can cause strong allergic reactions in some people.  That is if you kiss someone who has eaten something you are allergic to.  Brushing your teeth isn’t enough to clear away the allergen.  It seems that your kissing partners saliva still contains the allergen after food or medicine has been absorbed by their body.  So, if you must have that kiss with a person susceptible to allergies, experts suggest rinsing your mouth thoroughly and waiting 16-24 hours before you can safely enjoy that kiss.

Kids being teased due to food allergies?

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of The Academy

A new study finds that some children who have food allergies could be the target of bullies – and some of those bullies are teachers.  About a quarter of children surveyed say they were bullied because of their food allergies.  86% said they were harassed more than once and many times the food they were allergic to was waived in their face.  These children are being picked on because they’re different.  They have to carry medication and be separated at mealtimes from other kids.  Most of the kids were bullied by their classmates but some said they were teased by school staff members.  All this teasing caused kids with allergies to report depression, embarrassment and humiliation.