Health tip: Is your New Year’s resolution still in tact?

Have you failed your New Year’s resolution already?  It’s not too late to start again.  Today is a new day…just pick up where you left off.  You don’t have to wait another year to make a change in your life.


Are we wired to fail our New Years resolutions?

By: Dr. Steve Salvatore, Co-Owner of the Academy

It’s January 4th, how are you doing with your New Years Resolutions?  If you are already having a difficult time sticking to them, blame it on your brain.  Experts say that there is a biological reason that we hold onto our bad habits.  It seems that our brains are fighting something called “the power of immediate reward”.  That’s when the pleasure sensing chemical, dopamine, kicks in.  We’re all hard-wired to give in to what gives us the quickest pleasure, over and over again.  So, if it is a choice between chocolate vs. broccoli; chocolate wins every time!